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Start with West Attractions

Tip 5: Start with Attractions

If your crew -- be they children or children-at-heart -- are over the whole Fantasyland thing, I highly recommend starting with Attractions West (as the vets call them -- that’s code for "the attractions on the west side of the park"). This means you'll want to hit Adventureland, New Orleans’ Square, Critter Country and Frontierland. Why? Because if you're swift about it, you can knock all of their rides out well before lunch, and save the rest of the day for standing in lines. But there’s a science to it, which brings me to my next tip …

Tip 6: Load Your Fastpasses

Fastpasses are either God’s gift to Disneyland, or the devil’s blight on Walt’s park -- it depends on who you ask. The whole concept is to “save your spot in line” so that you can go do other things (i.e., eat, shop and do other things that cause you to spend money) instead of waiting in an endless line. But if you learn to use the system to your advantage, you’ll maximize your amusement time.

For example, let’s say we’re starting our day in Attractions West. Get a Fastpass for Indiana Jones -- known back in the day as “Temple of the Long Line” -- and then go directly to Pirates of the Caribbean. Once you’re done on that ride, go directly to Haunted Mansion. By the time you’re out of the mansion, you should be able to get a new Fastpass. If not, skip over to Critter Country for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and by the time you get off that ride, you should be good to go for Indy. But wait -- before you get on Indy, make a stop at the Fastpass distribution for Splash Mountain. Do Indy, maybe squeeze in a whirl on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (or some target practice at Frontierland’s Shootin’ Exposition), then you’re set to go on Splash Mountain. But before you do that, stop off and get a Fastpass for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin …

See where I’m going with this? It always helps to have a plan. The thing is, others are going to have the exact same plan, so don’t fret if Fastpasses run out for the day. Just use your time in line as quality time. (Easier said than done when you’re all bouncing around like crazies, right?)

Tip 7: Nail Your Characters Early

If your little ones are dead set on having their pictures taken with princesses and mice and bears, best to do it sooner than later, as the lines get longer as the day goes on. The princesses take up court in the Fantasyland Theatre, Buzz Lightyear hangs out in Tomorrowland, Pooh and the gang take over Critter Country, Mickey and Minnie are easily found in Toontown, Ariel has a clamshell in the fountains near Tomorrowland, and Aladdin takes up shop in Adventureland, while a mix of characters sometimes take over the Small World area. Sometimes the villains come out to play around Fantasyland, and old-timers -- like Brer Bear -- chill near Adventureland. Sometimes it’s set, other times it’s luck of the draw, but if you miss someone during the day, sometimes they make a post-parade appearance on Main Street near the Mad Hatter.

Tip 8: Eat Early, Eat Often

Restaurants get busy at predictable times -- especially during high season in the summer and around Christmas. To combat it best, do mini-meals at the concession stands all around the park. Grab a turkey leg here, a container of crudités there, and you won’t feel the sting of hunger at all. And if you do, at least it’ll tide you over until the rush subsides and you don’t have to fight nearly as much for a table somewhere.

As a breakfast tip, on days without Early Entry, try going to the park a half-hour before opening to have breakfast at the Carnation Café, sandwiched in between the watchmaker and the ice cream parlor on Main Street. The wait staff is expert at delivering your food and check in perfect timing to make rope drop, all with a smile. If you want to make lunch or dinner something special, make your first stop of the day the reservations desk at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant that puts you right in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Great food and a great atmosphere ensure your dining experience will be unforgettable. Of course, your other options for lunch are to eat in Downtown Disney, or try some of the dining options at the hotels. But why would you want to leave the park once you’re in? (The answer? You wouldn’t.)

Tip 9: Switch Parks Midday

Right around the time lunch starts to get nuts and you’ve successfully nailed all the rides in Attractions West, that’s the right time to make your way across the esplanade to Disney’s California Adventure. As the park is smaller and doesn’t hold as many people as Disneyland, it’s a great way to get a little breathing room and still hit some great rides before dusk. Don’t miss Soaring Over California (the hangliding ride), Tower of Terror (the elevator drop ride) and California Screamin’ (the roller-coaster), all of which have Fastpass -- and great views.


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