Jumat, 10 Oktober 2008


SIDE Side, the town where, legend says, Anthony and Cleopatra met in 42 BC. is an extremely beautiful spot. The word Side means pomegranate, and this was the symbol of the town for many years. This mainly, unspoiled town is full of Roman ruins the most famous of which is the amphitheatre, known as the “elephants foot” where a lively programme of entertainment is provided throughout the season. Other important Roman ruins are the Apollo Temple and the Athena Temple. The Temple of Apollo is where Anthony and Cleopatra supposedly met and lovers still meet there to this day. Best seen at night, this beautifully illuminated, Roman Ruin sits high, at the end of a long, palm lined, sea front, flanked on one side by lovely bars and restaurants and on the other, by the softly lapping waters of the Mediterranean Sea, a truly romantic spot.

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