Jumat, 10 Oktober 2008


The market town of Fethye sits overlooking a wide blue bay with a background of wooded mountains. With its’ bustling tree lined promenade, busy bars and restaurants this beautiful seaside town has managed to retain its Turkish character. The cobbled streets are packed with shops selling all types of goods from genuine designer clothes to Turkish Delight in great abundance and variety. But this is not all that Fethye has to offer. Don’t miss a visit to one of Fethye’s ancient sites, the amphitheatre and the rock tombs are well worth a visit. Excursions abound in the Fethye area, Dalyan with its famous Turtle Beach and Mud Baths, and trips to Xanthos, Patara, Ephesus and Pamukale are all readily available. Although not having a beach as such there is plenty to see and do and the nearest beach at Calis is only a short Dolmus ride away.

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