Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

Cape Verde

The Cape Verde Islands are a bewitching blend of Portuguese and West African influences, with European-style architecture mingling alongside traditional African scenery.

Made up of ten volcanic islands and five tiny islets, Cape Verde combines spectacular mountain ranges with deserted beaches. Each individual island has its own character, from lush and lively Santiago to the quiet diving islet of Boa Vista. The islands have some of the best windsurfing conditions in the world, and diving is a treat, with many 16th century shipwrecks lining the ocean floor.

Many visitors' first impression of Cape Verde comes through the mournful songs of Cesaria Evoria, the island's best known singer. The ‘barefoot diva' is the best exponent of morna, a lovelorn type of folk music similar to Portuguese fado. Music is a key component of life on Cape Verde, and several islands stage exuberant carnivals, with the best known being the Baia das Gatas Festival.

Since achieving independence from Portugal in 1975, Cape Verde has struggle economically. However, the government is now focused on attracting tourist to the islands, and with the beauty of its scenery and friendliness of its people, they should have no problem in succeeding.

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