Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

Antigua and Barbuda

Low-lying and volcanic in origin, Antigua & Barbuda form part of the Leeward Islands group in the northeast Caribbean and have certainly adopted the notoriously ‘Caribbean' way of life. This is a place to take things easy, stroll around markets, sip the fresh juices of coconuts and pineapple and meet friendly locals.

Unsurprisingly, Antigua & Barbuda's way of life is governed by water, and any visitor will find that their stay is too. Nelson's Dockyard in the English Harbour is at the forefront of Antigua & Barbuda's vast yachting and sailing scene.

Unlikely, but should you grow weary of Antigua & Barbuda's nautically themed activities, the area also abounds with colourful bird and insect life. Barbuda is an unspoiled natural haven for wild deer and exotic birds and boasts the Frigate Bird Sanctuary. There are also national parks and blow holes to discover, including, of course, the Devil's Bridge, a natural phenomenon crafted by the colliding of Atlantic and Caribbean surf.

Antiguans are proud of their human history too, especially as it documents their release from colonisation, slavery and sugar plantations. This keenness to remember emancipation is apparent as towns proudly proclaim names such as Liberta and Freetown.

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