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Egyptian Pyramids

By Richard Monk

Egypt and pyramids are two words that just go together. In a testament to the advancements of the Egyptians, those pyramids by and large stand today thousands of years later.

Egyptian Pyramids

Egypt is a country that brings to mind vast deserts and huge, imposing pyramids. Situated in the Northeastern part of the continent of Africa, this country has been inhabited by advanced societies and cultures for thousands of years, and is still a site of mystery and intrigue to this day. Among all of the topics surrounding this area of the world, ancient Egypt pyramids have to be the most interesting and researched. These pyramids were built by a society reaching far back into history.

The time period of the height of Egypt is said to have begun around the year 3500 BC, and it is said to have ended around 30 BC, when the Roman Empire took over Egypt. During these three thousand plus years, many rulers, or pharaohs, oversaw the country through different dynasties. Most of the pharaohs decided to have pyramids constructed so that they would have opulent final resting places in which to be entombed.

The shape of the Egypt pyramids is said to have been derived from the primordial mound that early Egyptians believed Earth was created from. Also important to the shape was the fact that the pyramids were built as burial chambers, and the Egyptians are also thought to have believed that this shape would help to “launch” the deceased into the afterlife (through a tunnel at the uppermost point of the pyramid – this is seen in the Great Pyramid of Giza). Pyramids were also originally covered with a white limestone covering, to give them a shining appearance when viewed from afar. This was because of the third reason for the pyramid's shape – an echoing of the sun's rays.

There are believed to be between 80 and 100 pyramids, although there is no exact number known due to the fact that many of the smaller pyramids have fallen into disrepair. The three biggest and most well-known of these pyramids are the pyramids at Giza, located outside of Cairo, Egypt. These pyramids were listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and in fact, they are the only Wonder still standing in modern times.

A trip to see the Egypt pyramids is something on many people's wish list. With their mystical qualities and fascinating history, the pyramids are worth traveling to see. Whether it's because of their unique shape, the fact that they are large burial chambers, or just that they are some of the largest man-made structures in the world, the Egyptian pyramids will be sure to continue to hold our interest for many years to come.

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