Jumat, 12 September 2008

Contour Travel Pillow

By Manuel Wiggins

Contour travel pillows are available for both adults and children. For adults they are available in two shapes.

The horseshoe shape that goes around the neck and supports the head while sleeping in flights. They are easily available and the most used type. They are made of polyester blend and are fiber filled. They cushion the neck and the head. They are covered with fleece or cotton and are resistant and durable. Most companies offer them as machine washable. Inflatable and non inflatable contour travel pillows are also available. They are easy to carry and can fit into the smallest of places.

The cost for the pillows range from $12-$15. There are many that are shaped flatter unlike the horseshoe shape. They support both the sides of the head. These can be used in planes, trains, buses and also in the back of the car.

For children, the contour travel pillows are smaller in shape and are designed to resemble various animals such as leopards, dogs, cats, lions, zebras and many other animals. They are made in the same way and care is taken so that they don't cause any allergy or rashes in children.

The wedge shaped pillow is also a contour travel pillow. It serves the same purpose and lets you travel in ease without a neck crick. It helps you to relax and you wake with more vigor and vitality.

The inflatable travel lumbar pillow provides comfort not only for your necks and head but also for lower backs and legs. It packs neatly and takes very little space. These pillows can be deflated with just a press of a button. Since it's so compact it can be easily packed away in the briefcase. It has a removable cover in polyester that can be easily machine washed.

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